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Data protection information on the use of online procedures and directory services regarding the application and registration of students and visiting students

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Management of student data

According to Art. 42 section 4 sentence 1 of the Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz (BayHSchG), the processing of personal data of students and visiting students is determined by the regulations on the protection of personal data in effect at the time. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Bayerisches Datenschutzgesetz (BayDSG) permit the collection of personal data if this information is deemed essential in order for the responsible office gathering this data to complete its assigned tasks. As part of the online-application and online-registration procedures, LMU Munich collects the required personal data among other information in order to implement the regulations on university admission in accordance with Art. 42 section 4 of the BayHSchG. The areas marked as required information must be completed by all applicants in order to be registered. The remaining areas are considered voluntary information. Choosing not to complete the areas considered voluntary information will not result in any disadvantages at the time of application or registration. As part of the online-application or online-registration procedure, the processing of personal data only encompasses the required information in order to complete the registration process as well as to comply with the regulations in effect. Submitting the declaration of consent also acknowledges the processing of voluntary information. The same applies to the processing of personal data when it comes to the directory services at LMU Munich.

The persons concerned are entitled to their rights according to Art. 16 pp of GDPR with regard to LMU Munich. For further information on this issue, please refer to the data protection declaration at the University’s central home page.

The collected data are solely used for administrative purposes by systems at LMU Munich. They are transmitted only if deemed necessary and according to the regulations of GDPR and the BayDSG. This especially applies to the transmission of data to the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ). We confirm that all collected data are treated confidentially. The transmission of data occurs in an encrypted manner. The procedures used for electronically processing all personal data have already been approved by the official data protection representative at LMU Munich in compliance with the Bavarian Data Protection Act currently in effect. By using state-of-the-art technology to protect the data, the necessary technical and organizational measures were applied.

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