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Official Student Documents

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also referred to as Leporello

At the time of their Registration, all students at LMU Munich receive their official student documents right away. For all subsequent semesters, these will be mailed to them after the students meet the requirements for Continuation of registration.
These official student documents include:

  • the current Student ID Card,
  • a supplement to the MVV-Customer ID Card,
  • four Registration certificates, one of which is intended for the office of BAföG,
  • a payment request to transfer the fees required for Continuation of Registration for the subsequent semester,
  • an election notification for the university elections and
  • a form to register for examinations.

Your official student documents are mailed to you in time for the start of the new semester.
Please see News for more detailed information on current mailing periods.

If you have not received your official student documents by mail, at the latest one week prior to the official start of the semester (Winter Semester: October 1st, Summer Semester: April 1st), this may be due to one of the following reasons: you did not apply for continuation of registration in a timely manner, you either successfully passed your final examination or you failed to pass an examination on your last and final attempt, you reported a change of address too late or not at all, your request to have your mail forwarded to a new address was not carried out by the Postal Service, your official student documents were returned to the university by the Postal Service for other reasons, etc....
If this applies to you, please report in person to the SU 2 – Academic Registrar in order to get your particular issue resolved. Via the Online self-service functions, you can verify whether your continuation of registration was approved or whether there are any obstacles preventing it. You may also verify your current address and change it if necessary.

Please note:
Official student documents, which the student did not receive, cannot be forwarded to a new address or mailed for a second time due to the costs associated with it. They can only be picked up in person or by someone officially authorized in writing to do so at the SU 2 – Academic Registrar.

If you lost your official student documents, please go to: Replacement Student ID Card.


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