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Basic fee

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Each semester all students must pay the basic fee as part of their registration or continuation of registration, even in the case of a leave-of-absence semester. There are no exceptions.

The basic fee as well as the additional fee for the semester ticket are due at the time of registration or continuation of registration. According to the official notifications, they must be paid in one lump sum by the specified deadlines. If all fees due are not paid on time by the deadlines, the student‘s registration will be cancelled or the continuation of registration will not be completed and the student will be exmatriculated.

The fee amount for the basic fee is determined by the statutes of the Studentenwerk München (Munich Student Union). The University both charges these fees for and then tranfers them to the Studentenwerk, in accordance with Art. 95 section 5 sentence 1 of the Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz (Bavarian Higher Education Act). For further information regarding the basic fee and its purpose, please refer to the websites of the Studentenwerk München.

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