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Your registration certificate serves as proof of your registration as a student for the current semester at LMU Munich. It contains detailed information on the legal duration of the current semester, incl. the dates of the first and last day of the current semester, the current overall number of university semesters attended, the number of subject-specific semesters as well as the number of leave-of-absence semesters. It also states the date you registered for your current degree program and the degree you are pursuing, the subject major and minor(s), and the standard length of study.

The one registration certificate intended for the office of BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act) also includes the exact date that you first registered as a student at a German university)

Your Official student documents, which are issued to you at the time of registration, and will, once you complete the requirements for continuation of registration, be mailed to you every semester from then on, include per semester four copies of the current registration certificate, one of which is intended for the office of BAföG.

If you need any additional copies of your current registration certificate, you can access your LMU account online and print them via the self-service function (registration certificate, bilingual: German/English). The office you submit such a certificate to may in turn use an online self-service function to verify the authenticity of this particular certificate.

Certificates generated in this automated manner usually suffice when it comes to offices and other agencies (e.g. in order to receive child benefits, to apply for a scholarship, to use as proof when applying for a magazine subscription at the student rate or to submit to a bank, etc.). If, for a special reason, you need the registration certificate to be issued as an official document bearing a signature and the seal of LMU Munich, please contact the SU 2 - Academic Registrar. They will issue the requested document upon presentation of your current student ID and an official picture ID.

Further information on how to obtain a registration certificate to be used abroad, which complies with the formal requirements for legalization or apostille, you will find here.

In order to get registration certificates issued for any prior semesters, please present your current student ID along with an official picture ID to the SU 2 - Academic Registrar.

As far as certificates and confirmations on study and examiniation results (degree pursued/awarded, transcripts, etc.) are concerned, please contact the individual Examination Office responsible for your particular degree program.

Please note: The Office of the University Registrar issues certificates and confirmations in accordance with data protection regulations and therefore, as a rule, neither upon the request by a third party nor to a third party.

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