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Certificate of exmatriculation

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At the time of Exmatriculation, you will receive along with your letter of exmatriculation a Confirmation of period of study intended for gesetzliche deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme) as well as a Confirmation of programs studied.

Should you require additional proof of your exmatriculation (e.g. if you need one in order to register at another university) or in case you lost your original letter of exmatriculation, you may request a Certificate of exmatriculation. It includes such details as the current overall number of university semesters attended and leave-of-absence semesters, the exact date your exmatriculation went into effect or will become effective, as well as details on your last degree program (degree pursued/awarded, subject major and minor(s), current overall number of subject-specific semesters, date you first registered for this degree program and standard length of study).

In order to get a certificate of exmatriculation issued, you must present an official picture ID to the SU 2 - Academic Registrar or mail in your request in writing.

Please note: The Office of the University Registrar issues certificates and confirmations in accordance with data protection regulations and therefore, as a rule, neither upon the request by a third party nor to a third party.