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Molecular Origins of Life – CAS Conference 2018

International Conference organized by Prof. Dr. Dieter Braun (CAS Research Group)

This conference takes place in the context of the CAS Research Group "Recreating the Origins of Life" led by Dieter Braun.

This conference will pose one of the most fundamental questions of science, namely how life was able to originate on Earth. With more than 25 lectures and 200 participants, the international conference Molecular Origins of Life will bring together scientists from biophysics, astrophysics and chemistry as well as from further relevant fields. Only the combined effort from renowned experts from various disciplines can be successful in retracing the origins of life under experimental conditions and pave the way towards answering some of the most pertinent questions: how did the very first genetic material in lifeforms develop? How can Darwinian evolution emerge? Which chemicals could serve as precursors for the synthesis of living systems on Earth and on other planets? The conference's aim is to represent and to discuss the state of the art of the origin of life field.

Do, 11.10.2018 – Fr, 12.10.2018

Literaturhaus München
Salvatorplatz 1
80333 München

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