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Application documents

  1. Application form (200 KByte) for Admission to Studies for Foreign Applicants: Please mark the top of the application form with “CSC Model 1” in red capital letters! Please write your family name in capital letters!
  2. Curriculum vitae, up to date at time of application.
  3. Statement of planned research project with time schedule.
  4. Statement certifying when the Master Diploma will be awarded. The Master Diploma is a prerequisite for final admission to doctoral Studies. It is, however, not required at the time of the application.
  5. Two letters of recommendation by university professors.
  6. The letter of acceptance by a professor of LMU.
  7. University documents: notarized copies of the “official transcript of ”: Bachelor + Master Studies as well as Diplomas. School leaving certificates are not necessary! If the application is not successful, the documents will be returned to the applicant.
  8. A label with the applicant'scorrespondence address.
  9. Applicvants should send an e-mail attaching the applicatio as a PDF-file. The application should also be sent in paper form. Please note that only applications in paper-form will be considered in the final selection process.

For model 2 (sandwich model): Letter of the supervising professor in China referring to the research project with the LMU naming the professor of LMU with whom the Chinese professor is collaborating plans to cooperate with regarding the research project of the doctoral student.